Here's what guests of Habana are saying about...
   ...the food
"Delicious!  Awesome!  Excellent!"     "Marvelous."
"Amazing!"     "Compliments to the chef!"     "Muy buena!"
"Always wonderful."       "11...It was soooo good."
"The best Ropa Vieja next to my grandmother's!"

...the service        
"Extraordinary."    "Very courteous & fast."
"Very knowledgeable!"    "Loved our waitress!"
"Buena la cortesia."    "Exceptional beyond expected."
"Extra friendly server!!  A++!"

...the atmosphere
"Lovely."    "Delightful."      "Fantastic."
"Pleasantly relaxing."      "Great!"       "Tranquilo."
"Very peaceful!  Love the music!"    "Wonderful."
"Relaxed & authentic."   "The cabanas are where it's at!"

"You are awesome!  We'll definitely be coming back!"       "Change nothing."
"¡Que bueno!"      "Everything, as always, was excellent.  Love coming here!"
"Nice discovery!"       "Please open one in Houston."  ("...San Antonio."  "...Dallas.")
"Will return with friends & family."      "Vamos a regresar!"       "We love Habana!"

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